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Overhaul of air brake units for rail vehicles

As a licence holder of the company OERLIKON-BÜHRLE for many years we have a great experience in production and overhaul of air brake units. We have got test benches for many Oerlikon valves. After the repairing of pneumatic brake components they will be tested according to the original test specifications.

Druck├╝bersetzer-Variante 015 ALR 130
datasheet: N 005 009

Druck├╝bersetzer-Variante 015 ALR 130

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The following device we can process:

Driver's brake valve:

Driver's brake valve OERLIKON FD

Driver's brake valve OERLIKON FV4a

Driver's brake valve OERLIKON FVE700

Distributor valve:

Distributor Valve OERLIKON ESt3

Distributor valve for locomotives OERLIKON LSt1

Distributor valve OERLIKON ESt4

Distributor valve OERLIKON UTB

Datasheets distributor valves

Different accessory units:

Pressure intensifier Oerlikon ALT
Pressure intensifier Oerlikon ALT
Pressure intensifier Oerlikon ALR
Pressure intensifier Oerlikon ALR
Weighing valve Oerlikon ALM
Weighing valve Oerlikon ALM

You are looking for a spare part for a STABEG device, but you only have an old piece number?

Take a look at our equivalent list:

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