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Brake block holder
For speed above 120 km/h (short mark „ss") it is
regulated, that freight wagons must have separated
brake pads. The dimension of brake block holder, brake pads and brake block key is regulated accorded UIC-sheet 541,-1 VE. In this construction the key for
interlocking the brake pads must be stamp by a hammer from the upper side und the lower side. If you replace a scuff pad the keys must be repulse also from the upper side and the lower side. In modern freight wagons the place for brake block holders is tight. Releasing and fastening of the keys from the upper side can be troublesome, if the area is very small. In this case the works be arranged only in a workshop. For this reason our company has developed a brake block holder with only one interlock generated in spring steel. The releasing and connecting is made with hand power, because the interlocking is made without a key. Also two shoes can be connected in one operation from the lower side, instead until now from the upper side and the lower side.