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Walter bushes
The original walterbush

walter bush
common walter bushes
 WALTER-BUSHES protect the bearings of articulated parts and are particularly useful in the rebuilding of articulated constructional elements (Applicable for brake rigging, suspension shackles, parts of switches, suspension of dynamos etc.) 

They are carburized (~60HRc bzw. HV710) like press in bushes, and so extremly wear resistant and durable. 

The Bore only has to reach a  tolerance H11, what can be done with a standard drill without reaming, the costs for the bore can therefore be very low. 

Walter bushes can be changed easily on site without having a press. You just need a hammer and a chisel. (see mounting guidelines

Walter bushes (WB) are tensed up in the bore by a taper key and are tightend fast in this way. 

The key expands the WB in radial direction - so there is a high contact pressure in the hole.

For bridging a bigger play you can get wider keys if the standard keys not sufficient.So you can use the same walterbushes for a bigger play.

That makes the walterbushes so useful for overhauling of damaged parts.. 

Walter-Bushes are available, in these varieties and can be orderd also in little amounts.

Walter bush